Who We are

The word “migrated” is very common across the globe. You can ask this to the next person sitting to you about his origin, may be nine of ten people will tell you that he/she or his/he father or forefathers migrated in this city sometime back or in recent days. The search for food, shelter, knowledge, security pushed many of us to leave our roots and settle in somewhere in the city to create our own identity. The struggle of survival is continual and we all aspire to excel in our related field. At the same time, we human have the tendency to connect with our original roots and this pulls us to search for the people and means to touch the roots. Some time we dare to spend good amount of time to roam around the city to smell the flavor of our roots.

The state boundaries are designed mere for politico and geographical reason but the people living every corner of city is actually started believing about their origin as core for creating their own roots. The hunger for being in our own roots creates a synergy between the people and challenge of change hits them to do more effort to touch the roots.

“Prayojani”is an attempt from the group of people who believes that there will be always “Win” against the challenge of losing our own roots. Hence the effort is enable all means to connect the community and existence of community for future generation.

The word “Prayojani” in Bengali meaning is “Essentials” and we are trying to keep all basic essentials elements of “Bong” to get connected with the roots. For outer world Bengali means – Tasty Food, Sweets, Tagore , Books , Music , Dance , Fish, Traffic Jams , Strike , wonderful dresses and many more . This site will capture the inside of Bong’s desire of being proud of what they are, and the drive will be to reach larger audience to tell the world that we are touching the roots.